1. sight, eyesight, vision; range or field of vision, eyeshot, eyereach, ken.
2. prospect, outlook, scene, vista, panorama, spectacle; landscape, seascape, cityscape, tableau.
3. contemplation, observation, study; survey, examination, inspection, scrutiny.
4. eye, regard, aim, intent, intention, design, purpose, object, objective, end.
5. opinion, belief, judgment; conception, concept, conceit; conviction, mind, persuasion, thinking, way of thinking; tenet, doctrine, dogma, principle, doxy, creed, precept.
6. supposition, theory, speculation, guess, two cents' worth; surmise, conjecture, premise, estimation, assessment, valuation; sentiment, feeling, apprehension; perception, image, impression, notion, idea; attitude, viewpoint, point of view, perspective; stand, standpoint, stance, position, vantage, vantage point, angle, posture.
7. watch, Sl. spectate, observe, witness; see, behold, catch sight of, Inf. lay eyes on, Sl. lamp; perceive, look at, discern, notice, regard, hold in view, have in sight; take in, survey, scan, look upon; scrutinize, read, inspect, pour over, peer at, examine, Sl. check out; cast an eye on, Sl. get a load of, Inf. take a gander, get an eyefull; peek, peep, spy, eye.
8. consider, contemplate, weigh, think over, turn over in one's mind, give thought to, mull over; ponder, Archaic. perpend, ruminate, cogitate, meditate on, muse on; delineate, reflect upon, revolve, put one's mind to, give one's attention to, think about.

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